Beware the Eyes of Mars: A Suspenseful Romantic Space Romp by Jodi Bowersox

Beware the Eyes of Mars: A Suspenseful Romantic Space Romp by Jodi Bowersox

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Autographed paperback
304 pages
Romantic Sci Fi
#2 in the Tripping on Mars series

A Colorado Authors League Award Finalist and a 1st Place Evvy Award Winner

Where an android could be friend or foe. Or the love of your life.

Clarinda Hawkins went to Mars looking for adventure and maybe a chance at love. She didn't expect to end up as a star witness in an assault case. And she never imagined she'd become the object of Mars Security's top detective's affections. A detective who is a tall, dark, and sexy android. Sure, he's the Vincent 4.0--the most advanced AI android ever created--and it's all but impossible to tell him from a human, but does he... feel? His adoring looks and tender touches challenge everything she knows to be true.

Vincent has had his eye on Clarinda for two long years, never hoping that she could see him as more than a robot, when suddenly something changed. It would be a challenge to nurture this complicated relationship in the midst of a crime wave, public scrutiny, and security droids gone bad. Not to mention trying to protect her from the sex traffickers and arms dealers who want to stop her from testifying. And then there's the challenge of keeping her safe from her own impetuous self. That might be the biggest challenge of all.

"An intriguing, fun, sexy story that left this reader with a big smile."

"This tale of crime and love, human and robot, will keep you turning pages."