Horses, Adrenaline, and Love: A Contemporary Small Town Romance by Jodi Bowersox

Horses, Adrenaline, and Love: A Contemporary Small Town Romance by Jodi Bowersox

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Autographed Paperback
309 pages
Small Town Romance

Who would have thought that the winning move would be surrender?

When Sarah Palmer finds herself back in her little hometown of Loraine, Nebraska, with the young son that had been part of the town’s biggest scandal in its 125 year history, and a basement full of sculptures she couldn’t sell in Chicago, her only thought is how she can get out again fast. That is, until a certain dark-haired, equine veterinarian sweeps her off her feet.

Marty Scott can’t keep his mind off the short, little spit-fire with the tough exterior and a heart as soft as a kitten. Once he figures out the way past her defenses, he thinks it’s just a hop and a skip to the altar. That is, until a new scandal is born out of tragedy.

Sarah is a runner who tends to run from her problems.

Marty is problem solver, who prides himself on his solutions, but sometimes the problem is so big, even the best problem solver gets stymied. Sometimes the answer needs to come from a higher power.

Author's note: No graphic sex makes this a clean romance. Romantic sparks and sexual tension makes this a real romance. Warning: Unmarried couple sleep together in same bed. No sex. They SLEEP together. If this offends your delicate sensibilities, walk away.

"The book grabbed me and I had a hard time putting it down. Such a sweet romance!"

"I love your writing it's clean, beautiful, and loving. I want to read more of your books, that's how much I enjoy this story."

"Kept me intrigued from cover to cover. Would definitely recommend."