Island Of Secrets: A fast paced Action/Adventure Thriller

Island Of Secrets: A fast paced Action/Adventure Thriller

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Autographed Paperback
Book 1 of 2
John Wilker writing as J Beckett

There are still mysteries and treasures out there.

Jason Kincaid and Expedition Inc. are adventurers for hire. They’ve found missing artifacts, sunken treasures, and more. If there’s a mystery, and the money is right, they’re the team for you.

When an old friend makes a startling discovery off the coast of Canada, she reaches out to the team after being ignored by the authorities. If she’s wrong, no big deal. If she’s right, the geopolitical repercussions would be staggering. The historical repercussions would be unprecedented.

Once on their way, they realize they’re not the only ones chasing this mystery. Who will get there first? Who will play the dirtiest?

Graham Island is a picturesque island of nature preserves, national parks, and towns too small to mention. Oh, and probably, maybe, a secret World War Two military base.

Were enemies closer than everyone thought during the war? What were they doing on this island that no one thinks twice about? What’s there now, and who’s going to get it?