Killian the Assassin: A Fantasy Romance: The Legends of Everclearing Book One

Killian the Assassin: A Fantasy Romance: The Legends of Everclearing Book One

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Killian! Assassin, thief, and arrogant rogue. He’ll double-cross you, bed your wife, and steal your gold, all with a smile.

Pagan drumming in Killian’s veins would never let his sword fail or his heart stop thirsting for blood. It felt as if the old gods gathered around him, waiting for blood to spill. Blackmailed into guarding the daughter of a wealthy Lord, Killian goes on a perilous journey over treacherous seas and through violent mountains. Together they face danger and demons while he fights the bloodlust that always follows him. It is their undeniable attraction for each other that is the biggest threat of all.

Killian discovers a lonely, innocent girl who did not betray but has been betrayed. Lady Pearl deserves love and protection, but is he the one to give her what she needs? He is tainted by the desire for salvation and is driven by sword lust, but darkness follows them both as they make an unplanned detour toward the land of Everclearing, but will they make it alive?

BUY Killian the Assassin the exciting first book in the Legends of Everclearing.

The Legends of Everclearing are addicting, with new characters, and new heart-stopping adventures! This new series is a spinoff series but is so much more than a revisit of the best of the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series. It stands on its own as an exciting fantasy adventure with just the right amount of romance.

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What reviewers have to say:
“HOLY Smokes! What an amazing book! I just can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it was to read this MASTERPIECE! All of Wendy Anderson’s books are works of art…”
“It was so easy to get lost in this world and Killian and Pearl's story, that I was a little sad to return to the real world once it was over.” GoodReadsReview