Mars Madness: A Light-Hearted Romantic Space Romp by Jodi Bowersox

Mars Madness: A Light-Hearted Romantic Space Romp by Jodi Bowersox

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Autographed Paperback
282 pages
Romantic Sci Fi
1st book in the Tripping on Mars series

A Colorado Authors League Finalist and 2nd place Evvy Award Winner!

AN OUT OF THIS WORLD ROMANTIC ADVENTURE! "...boy does it deliver on that promise! What was left out of that headliner, however, is just how funny it is, too." Sebastian J. Brook, site editor, Dr. Who Online

It would only take a dream and several trillion dollars to create a resort on Mars. But at a billion dollars a ticket, it was a luxury that only the .01% could afford. Until the Mars Madness Lottery. For the price of a fifty dollar lottery ticket, even burger flipping Joes and Janes could have a shot at a Mars adventure. Even hyper-organizational, germophobic, scaredy cat, fussy pants Katrina McKenna, who only bought a ticket at her daughter Frankie's insistence.

With the addition of one ex-husband, two new flames, a love-sick robotic maid, a ten-year-old cybersecurity whiz, a reclusive scientist and his genetically modified horses on a Mars transport four football fields in length with all the amenities of a cruise ship---plus a labyrinth---madness is just to be expected.

"So unique! Somewhere between sci-fi lite and a sweet romance."

"suspense, romance, intrigue, and humor, all intertwined in a great futuristic read."

"clean, fresh, and entertaining with an unexpected ending."