Of Demon Kind: A Forbidden Romance Fantasy (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series Book 1)

Of Demon Kind: A Forbidden Romance Fantasy (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series Book 1)

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He’s heir to a fallen throne. She’s a captured princess. Will their forbidden love be enough to stop a war and save his soul?

Branded as half-human and half-demon, Prince Lorn hides from retribution after failing to prevent his evil father’s horrific defeat and death. After spending years devastated by his inability to conquer humans and claim victory for Jior, he is forced to emerge from exile. When he’s falsely accused of kidnapping a beautiful princess and atrocities that could start another brutal war, he is forced to fight again and vows to clear his name.

Imprisoned in a black sorcerer's tower, Princess Lililaira longs to be free. One fateful night she is startled when a winged man flies in through her window and offers to rescue her. Seizing the opportunity to escape, she places her trust in the fierce warrior’s arms in a daring flight to freedom.

Falsely accused and desperate to avert another war, Lorn wrestles with the sins of his past while Lililaira draws closer to him. To prove his innocence and evade her cruel father’s rule, they set off into an unknown future. Their forbidden love demands she stand beside Lorn as he fights to find out if his evil can turn into good.

Can they break away from his evil past and claim their destiny together?

Of Demon Kind is the thrilling first book in the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy romance series. If you like brooding anti-heroes, chivalrous passions, and epic medieval battles, then you'll adore Wendy L. Anderson's magical tale.

Buy Of Demon Kind to witness the redemption of an evil birthright and the undaunting victory of forbidden love!

"This book, along with the other two books I have read by Wendy L. Anderson, are genuinely some of the best work I have ever read and I look forward to reading more of her work hopefully for years to come!" GeeLizReads.wordpress.com

“I look forward to the next book in this series.” GoodReadsReview

“I have never been so surprised to love a book! Anderson is a fabulous writer. From the prologue on I was hooked keeping a steady pace with my imagination on fire and excitedly turning pages to see what happened next.” JuliaPicks1.com