Red Rabbit on the Run: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Jodi Bowersox

Red Rabbit on the Run: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Jodi Bowersox

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Autographed Paperback
299 pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Book 3 in the Anonymous series

A Colorado Book Award Winner in Mystery!
A Colorado Authors League Award Winner in Mystery!
A CIPA Evvy Award Winner in Mystery!
A Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalist in Mystery!
An American Fiction Award Finalist in Romantic Suspense!
A Colorado Authors League Award Finalists in Romance!

"From one moment to the next, Red Rabbit on the Run is full of nonstop action, a good dose of romance, and unforeseeable plot twists." --Jennifer Nelson, Colorado Country Life

Are the enemies real or imagined? Tiffany Morrow had thought she only imagined the demon horse with glowing red eyes at the airport, but there was no mistaking the mountain view she had seen out the window this morning. She was really and truly in Denver. Home. The nightmare of the jungle was over.

She really didn’t know how much time had passed since she’d been carried out of that vile cabin in the Amazon. She did remember that---waking for a moment or two in the arms of someone strong. Whispered words she couldn’t recall. Words that had struck her as kind.

So why did you run from them? God, you do the stupidest things.

The voices that had been nearly eliminated before she had awakened in a Brazilian hell had been her almost constant companion without the meds whose job it was to hush them to a whisper.

She knew it would do no good to answer the voices. They never listened to her. But she did know why she was running from those who had helped her. Aaron McCain had spoken with kind and beautiful words before selling her to a sex trafficker. Kind words were often a trap. Who’s to say that her “rescuers” weren’t taking her from one hell to another?

“This book is a great mystery that keeps you involved and guessing until the end. You can’t go wrong with this story!

“You’ll be riveted from the time you open the cover. Clear your calendar because you won’t want to put this down!”