Rocky Mountain Sunrise: A Contemporary Faith Romance by Jodi Bowersox

Rocky Mountain Sunrise: A Contemporary Faith Romance by Jodi Bowersox

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Autographed Paperback
331 pages
Romantic Faith Fiction
Book 2 in the Rocky Mountain series

What if it didn't happen then? What if it happened now?

Joe Rhodes had it all—a sweet, beautiful fiancée, a successful construction business, and a three story home that he and his brothers had restored to its full Victorian splendor. Then the housing market collapsed, sending his business to the brink of bankruptcy, and he had to sell the house to save the business. At least he still has Mari.

Mari Baker is just a month away from marrying the man she calls her "dazzling Joe" when she repeatedly notices a tall, mysterious stranger watching her. Could he be a stalker? Suddenly she finds herself alone with the man, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Joe isn't sure what to believe about the guy in the trench coat. Mari certainly isn't making any sense about it all. How can she expect him to believe such a ridiculous story? Before, he would have said he trusted her implicitly, but now he isn't sure. It's just too far-fetched. Maybe he has lost it all.

Mari knows she sounds crazy, but Joe just has to believe her. She can't do this alone.

Author's note: No graphic sex and minimal use of mild language makes this a clean romance. Romantic sparks and sexual tension makes this a real romance. This book has Jewish characters. I am not Jewish, but I have a couple of friends who grew up in Jewish households. They helped me with terms and traditions. Since there are variations in these traditions across the country, from synagogue to synagogue, and household to household, I hope that you will grant me a bit of leeway. I was looking for the Midwestern Jewish experience, which may be somewhat different from your own. If these differences will keep you from enjoying a good story, I suggest you walk away. If you can't handle out-of-the-box thinking or an alternate reality story line, I suggest you walk away. If you want your romances to be the same old tropes, I suggest you walk away. This book isn't for you.

"Wow! I did not see that coming! I was expecting a sort of romance/ suspense theme but then the plot surprised me completely and headed in an entirely different direction."

"It was a very uplifting and enlightening read."

"This one caught me off guard and caused me to do some serious thinking - what if I was confronted with this situation? I loved that it made me think, and I loved this story too!"