Tales of the Incorrigible: The Ouroboros of Oon by Kevin Bowersox

Tales of the Incorrigible: The Ouroboros of Oon by Kevin Bowersox

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Autographed paperback. 227 pages. Second book in the Tales of the Incorrigible series.

An American Fiction Awards Finalist!

A prophecy of three centuries is calling out to them. Will they let it go to voicemail?
It is so far into the future that Oprah's papacy is but a bizarre footnote in the history books. The invention of the Flitzdrive has shrunk the mind-numbing magnitude of the galaxy down to less than a year's travel from edge to edge. Thousands of sentient races that once didn't know each other existed now intermingle and irritate one another on a regular basis...
In this, the second book in the Tales of the Incorrigible series, the adventure continues where Flummox or Bust left off.
Strapped for cash, the crews of The Incorrigible and The Other Woman stop over on the recently monetized planet, Utopia. Stuck in the lives of wage-slaves, they struggle to save enough to get to Sol, where all their monetary troubles will end. The only way out is to accept a sketchy offer to go on an even sketchier mission to a backwater rock called Oon. And the more they learn about the offer, the stranger it becomes. But can they really turn down a centuries-old quest that, impossibly, seems to be based on they, themselves?

TAKE PART! In a daring daylight robbery!
DISCOVER! A tape-age civilization adrift in deep space!
SMELL! The reptile infested sewer system of the city Ratzak Dobags!
TALK! To a cat!
PLAY! With a big dog!
GET YOUR FLABBER GASTED! By the incomprehensible traveling mines of Oon!

It is all waiting for you aboard The Incorrigible.

"Once again, Kevin Bowersox delivers a funny, quirky, out-of-this-world adventure."